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Exklusive Leistungen

Additional offers

Unfortunately, in individual cases, health insurance companies may not cover the full cost of additional services and a small amount may have to be paid privately.

We will inform you of this before providing the service. Just ask us.


Bonding analysis

The moulding of a child does not begin at birth, but already during pregnancy. Emotions and experiences are often passed on unprocessed from generation to generation. With bonding analysis, we want to address precisely this issue. A detailed family anamnesis is used to work on the family structures. With targeted hypnosis work, the focus is then on strengthening contact and dialogue and building up a basic trust in the child.

Regular communication and the baby's visual imagination train the mirror neurones.

These are important for intuitive understanding and social communication. Observations show that babies are calmer and more attentive and also cry less. Mothers are more confident when interacting with their children.

Especially recommended for

  • traumatic birth experiences 

  • fear of the birth

  • during/after a miscarriage 

  • a long desire to have a child

  • artificial insemination

  • multiple births

  • Preparation for a caesarean section

  • experience of abuse

We also offer this service online.


Massages, strokes, gentle pressure and a relaxed atmosphere can help you feel more comfortable in your body again and alleviate discomfort.


We offer birth-preparatory acupuncture from 36+0 weeks' gestation and support for symptoms and complaints such as sickness, oedema, migraines, breech presentation.


We use tape to help with symptoms and complaints such as oedema, symphysis/pelvic and back pain.

Aromatherapy & Homeopathy

The nose is our best memory. We associate odours/smells with experiences. We can also use the phytotherapeutic effect to alleviate symptoms and complaints.

If you are interested in holistic homeopathic support, we can also advise you individually.


Loving massages and touches have a relaxing effect on most babies and reduce flatulence. At the same time, they strengthen the child's motor skills and the bond between you.


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