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All services are covered by your health insurance.

If you have private insurance, please enquire with your insurer.

We speak fluent German and English.

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Getting in touch

The right midwife for this long journey is the most important thing. That's why you'll first get to know us without obligation, receive all the important information from us and feel inside yourself to see if we are the right companion for you. 

The initial consultation is only paid for once by most health insurance companies. So if you have already seen a midwife, it is possible that this will be charged to you privately. You can try to submit the private invoice to your health insurance company.

Pregnancy confirmation

We are happy to officially confirm your pregnancy. To do this, we will take your blood, conduct a detailed medical history interview and create your personalised maternal health passport. 

prenatal care

You are welcome to come to us for your antenatal care. We take plenty of time for this and check your health and that of your child. We carry out all routine examinations, such as

  • Checking your blood pressure and pulse

  • urinanalysis 

  • Abdominal circumference, fundus position, symphysis-fundus distance

  • feel the position and size of the child

  • Checking the baby's heartbeat, if medically necessary with CTG check  

  • taking blood samples if necessary 

  • carry out the 50 g glucose test

  • answer all your questions and prepare you for the next steps

The check-ups take place every 4 weeks from the beginning to the 32nd week of pregnancy, and every 2 weeks thereafter. We can carry out all preventive examinations, except for an ultrasound.

Additon: Explanation of gestational week and how it is calculated 

We assume a 40-week pregnancy. We state the age in weeks of pregnancy (SSW). A week has 7 days, so we simply count the days. 

Small example: Your calculated due date (ET) is 20/05/2024 (Monday, corresponds to 40+0), then you are in the 16+2nd week of pregnancy today (06/12/2023). 

This means that the 17th week has already begun, so roughly speaking you are in the 17th week of pregnancy.

Help with pregnancy symptoms

Do you have symptoms or complaints for which you need support or advice? Then you can make an appointment with us and we will try to provide you with various resources. We draw on a wide range of knowledge from complementary medicine.

Support for miscarriages

Unfortunately, not all children are born alive and healthy. We accompany your small birth at home and are your contact for questions and concerns during this long journey.

Roadmap through your pregnancy

Here you will find an overview of when which (preventive) examination can take place during pregnancy. These are recommendations from the maternity guideline. Furthermore we added some organizational advice and typical appointments to provide information about your planned home birth.

5th/6th week of pregnancy

Positive pregnancy test,

Contact with midwife & gynaecologist, Getting in touch

14th to 16th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

Organise a birth preparation course, Anamnesis interview

26th to 30th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

from 28th week of pregnancy with 3rd ultrasound

Start of birth preparation course

34th to 36th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

labour preparation


from 40+0 weeks of pregnancy

Check-ups every 2-3 days until birth,

from 41+3 weeks of pregnancy  Check-ups daily or every two days until the birth, ultrasound check-up and presentation at the clinic of your choice

from 42+0 weeks of pregnancy 

an induction is recommended

approx. 8th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy diagnosis,

Blood test, urine test, medical history, maternal health passport

18th to 22nd week of pregnancy

2nd ultrasound,

Screening examination, blood test if necessary to determine the child's blood group.

30th to 32nd week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

Rhesus prophylaxis for Rhneg if necessary, Birth information talk

36th to 38th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

from 37+0 the child is ready and may be born,

Postnatal preparation

8th to 12th week of pregnancy

1st ultrasound,

Pregnancy check-up, blood test if necessary to determine the child's blood group.

22nd to 26th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

from 24th week of pregnancy blood test & glucose test,

32nd to 34th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

blood test



38th to 40th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy check-up,

Ultrasound examination at due date if necessary



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