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All services are covered by your health insurance.

If you have private insurance, please enquire with your insurer.

We speak fluent German and English.

Bonding zwischen Mutter und Neugeborenen

Postnatal care

The postnatal period begins after the birth. Here you can decide whether you want to stay in hospital for the first few days (depending on where you give birth) or go straight home. This is called outpatient postnatal care. For the first 7 to 10 days, we will visit you every day, then every two to three days and then weekly. Depending on your individual needs. In total, we can come to your home regularly until the 12th week after the birth. We observe your postnatal period and show you the first postnatal exercises. We will also assess your child's development and help you with newborn care and handling your newborn baby. If you would like to breastfeed, we will support you or provide you with alternative information about infant formula.

Additional appointments

Do you have questions about weaning, introducing complementary foods, teething or need help with a breast infection or similar? Then simply get in touch with us again and we will arrange an appointment.


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