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Home birth

from April 2024

in and around Leipzig (one hour journey time)

We speak fluent German and English

Lotusblume mit Muttermundsöffnung
Weg des Kindes durch das weibliche Becken
Geburt des Köpfchens aus der Vulva

Preparation for your birth

We will prepare you well for your birth during your pregnancy. We look at your individual wishes, needs and expectations. With a detailed medical history, we ensure that nothing stands in the way of an out-of-hospital birth from a medical point of view. You will be well prepared for all eventualities and emergencies of an home birth during the information talks. This appointment takes place at your home so that we can familiarise ourselves with the place of birth and see if there are any

obstacles for an home birth in case of an emergency.

Call for birth

The on-call service for your home birth begins at 37+0 weeks of pregnancy and ends at 42+0. As a team of midwives, we are available around the clock to support you during your home birth. We will issue you with a private invoice for this service, the amount of which you can determine yourself after an honest self-assessment (between €500 - €800). The health insurance company will usually cover €250, please check with your health insurance company in advance. If you are not in a financial position to pay the minimum amount of the standby fixed sum, please contact us and we will find a solution. We do not want the choice of a home birth to depend on your financial situation. Payment by instalments is of course possible.

Home birth

For your birth, we will come to your home and take care of you in your familiar surroundings. Our aim is for you to give birth to your child in sound and in virtue of your own power. We will accompany you with restraint on this journey and be guardians of your physiology. We take care of you one to one. For a home birth, we will be travelling in and around Leipzig for up to an hour. We can settle all costs with the health insurance company.

Welcome time

After the birth we plan enough time to look after you and your baby. The focus here is on undisturbed bonding and the arrival of your baby. If you wish, we can support you with breastfeeding. After the U1 (initial inspection) of the newborn has been completed, we will withdraw so that you can settle in at home as a new family calmly.

Follow up

We will be happy to meet with you to reflect on the birth again. This will give you the space to ask your questions and, if you wish, to tell us about your experience. You decide when the follow-up meeting should take place.


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